Cake Recipes

Yogurt and Maple Pound Cake (intense maple hunger)

Yogurt & Maple Pound Cake

AUTHOR This dish was created by me to sate a recent intense maple hunger. The cake is incredibly moist; if possible, toast your slice to create contrast between the crust and the interior before eating it. I’ve baked this cake three times in a row and created my ideal afternoon …

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Apple Rum Cake (regular and blanched almonds)

Rum Apple Cake

AUTHOR I prepared this for the first time when I had an excess of apples from an apple harvesting excursion. I vowed to cook something that used more apples and less bread. Instead of rum, brandy or calvados work just as well in this. Make sure to give the cake …

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An authentic apple spice cake

Apple Spice Cake

AUTHOR When we were stationed on an Okinawa Air Force Base, I requested one of my mother’s friends for this recipe about 45 years ago. The recipe is so simple that it worked on my first attempt even though I had only recently started baking. I’ve been baking it ever …

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Breakfast Cake from El Salvador (a.k.a. Quesadillas)

Breakfast Cake

AUTHOR Consider a cheesecake. Consider party fare. Imagine yourself enjoying a few too many quesadillas in the morning. I advise you to follow the custom of eating delicious, buttery quesadillas with a large cup of coffee in El Salvador. You’ll adore the cake’s sweet and salty flavor combined with the …

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