Cake Recipes

Tres leches coconut (true tres leches cake)

Tres leches coconut

AUTHOR Tres leches are my neighbor’s favorite food, and I like her. So I started preparing them. I began with Martha Stewart’s recipe, which is a fantastic starting point, but it lacks the juiciness of a true tres leches cake, which is typically found lying in a little lake of …

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Bundt Cake with Chocolate Glaze and Gingerbread Beer

Bundt Cake with Chocolate Glaze

Creator Notes Lager in a gingerbread cake??? Totally! Dim blends give a profundity to the zesty kind of the cake. What’s more, as usual, a little chocolate improves it; this fast and simple one bowl cake hitter has a lace of chocolate twirled through it and dim chocolate frosting showered …

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A traditional Italian dessert Cake by Louisa

Cake by Louisa

AUTHOR We frequently get together in Castellina in Chianti, Italy, where Louisa is a family friend, gardener, and chef. She prepares everything from memory and made this last spring on a whim. She quickly reeled off a few ingredients as we pressed her for the recipe, and we hurried to …

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Sweet Apple Ginger Torte (substantial meal)

Sweet Apple Ginger Torte

AUTHOR Thanksgiving desserts must be easy to prepare in advance and serve with minimal effort. Who wants to start cooking again after such a substantial meal? I believe this is the reason pies are such a well-liked Thanksgiving dessert. Part apple cake, part gingerbread make up this torte. (Laurie Colwin’s …

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Rich chocolate cake with ganache and coconut filling

Rich Chocolate Cake.1

AUTHOR For their birthdays, my friends frequently ask me to make the Hyde Park Fudge Cake, which I’ve done a hundred times. I could devour this variation’s delicious coconut filling and rich ganache with a spoon until I felt sick! NOTES FOR A TEST KITCHEN This chocolate cake is like …

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Butternut Loaf and Brown Butter (flavor of pumpkin)

Butternut Loaf & Brown Butter

AUTHOR The flavor of pumpkin bread is enhanced and deepened when different winter squashes, such as butternut or kabocha, are used, which is why I enjoy it (particularly when combined with brie cheese, lol). Recently, I’ve noticed that eating cinnamon gives me a headache (very unusual, I know), so I …

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